Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram Sarees

kanchipuram sarees

kanchipuram saree

Kanchipuram Sarees are silk sarees made in the kanchipuram region of tamil nadu in southern India. It is also known as Kanjivaram sarees. The kanchipuram sarees are the south Indian version of benarasi  sarees.

KanchipuramSarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread. This thread comes from south India while the gold zari thread  used, comes  from the state of Gujarat.  These sarees are a sign of exuberance , class and luxury. Usually, the border color and design are different from the body. If the pallu(hanging of the saree) is of different shade, it is first woven separately and then joined to the saree. The part where the pallu and the body meet is shown by a zigzag line. These sarees are woven so strong, that if the saree tears apart, the border will stay put. Click Here For our Exclusive Range of Kanchipuram Silks

KanchipuramSarees have Temple borders, checks and floral or buttas as they are usually called are some of  the traditional designs used. The cost of these sarees vary in cost according to the intricacy of work, colors, patterns, material used like zari(gold thread) , quality of silk thread and craftsmanship involved. Kanchipuram sarees are considered to be special and are worn on such occasions.

These sarees are usually hand woven  by expert weavers  and around 6 yards in length.These handwoven cloth are an epitome of delight for the lady who wears it.

When this form of sarees came into existence around 10th century , 9 yards was the usual length of the cloth . As time went this was gradually reduced to the present  6 yards. Intricate designs depict the prominent temple architecture of those times on these sarees

Cleverly interwoven into the silk by these expert weavers who have passed on their skills to the present generation of craftsmen.

The city of Kanchipuram was chosen in the 15th century by a historical migration of different classes of craftsmen from two different areas and this city witnessed the blend of craftsmanship that is prevalent till today.

There  is absolutely no competition to this level of craftmenship and the Kanchipuram or Conjeevaram sarees as the British  used to pronounce and are becoming ever popular as time goes on.

Any women worth her class and feminity would surely have a set of these sarees as part of her wardrobe.

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