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Anarkali suits

anarkali suits

Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suits are named after the famous court dancer Nargis from Lahore in the Mogul Era who is known to have fallen in love with the Emperor Akber’s Son , Saleem as the story goes. This story is supposed to have ended in a tragedy when Anarkali was buried alive on the orders of the Emperor on count of defamy to the ruling family and thus Anarkali was immortalized and the portrayal of this story has been taken up also by many Indian theater groups and movies the most notable being Mughal – E – Azam which went on to record box office hits in the 60’s and 70’s. Click Here To See Our Exclusive Collection.

The Anarkali suit is a timeless style which has become very popular in the Indian subcontinent and also Pakistan. It is made up of a long, frock-style top hugging the  waist and body contour above it and then flowing towards the ankles and features a slim fitted bottoms. Sometimes the frock has large pleats looking like an umbrella around the legs. The bottom is also called a churidar This style of suit also links to South Asia with the women’s Firaq( meaning frock) and partug (meaning salwar) of northwestern Pakistan and Afghanistan and to the traditional women’s Central Asian clothing of parts of Central Asia. It also links to the Punjab region where the Anarkali suit is similar to the anga and the Peshwas wore in Jammu. Even modern style palazzos can be used with the Anarkali tops to suit your style. Over the centuries , many design modifications have been brought in  as per the fashion prevailing at that time for instance length of kurta may be knee length or up to the floor. However this style is never out of fashion and is loved by women of all ages and classes. The extravagant and elegant Anarkali designs that we stock at CityStoppers are suitable to be  worn on occasions like festivals, parties, weddings and engagements as also a casual wear for those trendy 25+ ladies raring to take on the world with the old world charm of this style of salwar suits. Fashion divas and designers across the globe use fabrics like georgette, cotton, silk , crepe etc to  come up with exclusively designed suits and we at CityStopper firmly believe that having your wardrobe with some of these exclusive Anarkali Salwar Suits  is indeed a very wise option as these will stay in vogue for a long time to come . Considering the magnitude and range of salwar suits available , it is indeed a daunting and confusing task but we have filters on our site to narrow down your choice as per your budget, colors and taste in no time.

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